Whitetail Hunts

hunt_whitetailJAG Ranch offers hunting for trophy and management whitetail deer three day hunts in South Texas , in County, Texas. We are located approximately 12 miles north of Beeville. The ranch is 1,600 acres high-fenced and protein fed, year round. We have approximately twelve blinds spaced out 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile form each other. It takes genetics, nutrition and age to grow trophy whitetail bucks and we were blessed to start with excellent South Texas trophy genetics. These mature native bucks have pre-rut body weights in excess of 250 pounds and can produce racks exceeding 180 inches. We have supplemented these native genetics with superior genetics – deer that have an excellent cross of Northern, Midwestern and South Texas trophy genetics for improved antler growth and body weight. Aldo Leopold, the father of modern wildlife management, wrote that the whitetail can be well-managed through the “same tools which have heretofore destroyed it – axe, cow, plow, fire and gun….management is their purposeful and continuing alignment.” At the JAG Ranch, we continue to apply all of these techniques and have developed the perfect balance to maintain a healthy ecosystem and we believe the best possible whitetail habitat in the State of Texas. We supplement this awesome whitetail habitat with year-round supplemental protein feeding that is available to the deer through numerous properly placed free-choice feeders. At the JAG Ranch, we allow the bucks to reach their full potential by strictly prohibiting the harvest of any trophy quality buck before the age of six years old.

Trophy Hunts

Our Trophy Hunts are typically booked for a Thursday evening arrival and Sunday departure, after the morning hunt resulting in 3 nights and 2 1/2 hunting days.  The fee is $2,500.00 per person and if you do not harvest your buck, this is all you pay.  We will hunt for your desired buck and total cost depends upon gross Boone and Crockett score of your buck.

Score Total Cost
130-139 $3,000
140-149 $4,750
150-159 $5,750
160-169 $6,750
170-179 $7,750
180-189 $8,750
190-199 $9,750
200-209 $11,000
210-219 $13,000
220 – 229 $15,000
230 or above Available and POR


Management Hunts

We offer hunts for management bucks (*up to 130 gross B&C ) for $2,500.00. The management hunter will also be able to shoot one doe, hogs and coyotes. *Some Managment Bucks will score higher than 130, and still be considered a “Management” Buck because of age and/or antler configuration, as selected by your guide.

JAG Ranch is well known for producing Trophy Boar Hogs with exceptional cutters. Trophy Boars with cutters can be harvested at an additional expense.


Booking Visits & Payments

Getaways are based on three nights with a Thursday arrival, Sunday departure. We will try to accommodate requests for longer stays, or different arrival/departure days, on request.

A $2,500.00 deposit is required when booking your stay. Your date will be held for three business days pending receipt of deposit. All bookings are non-transferable, but can be rescheduled or postponed to a different date, if available, or the next season. If it becomes necessary, we will try to work with you on this, subject to availability and possible additional charge. We want you happy and will do what we can.

Dates are offered on a first come/first served basis. Call us to discuss what dates are available.

The stay will not be fully reserved until deposit is received and check cleared. Payment may be made by personal or company check or wire transfer. Please contact us if you wish to use your credit card via Paypal. A convenience fee of 3.5% will be added for credit card/PayPal payments (this is what PayPal charges us).

Additional services (spa, Botox, hunts) may be added after arrival, subject to availability.

Wounded game will be considered harvested game and will be paid for in full by the hunter. All efforts will be made by ranch staff to retrieve the animal and return it to the hunter.

Game will be field dressed and transported to the skinning area and lodge by the guide.

Taxidermy and game processing arrangements can be made for an additional fee.

An additional fee of $65 minimum will be charged for skinning and caping, if desired.

Bring coolers for transportation of meat.

Bring your ammunition and binoculars.

Experience our championship Lighted 5-Stand Clay Target Range. $15.00 per Round (25 birds).


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