Exotic & African Game Hunts

In addition to trophy whitetail, JAG Ranch offers several premium exotic species for year-round hunting.  Our exotic hunts are all-inclusive and fees include the guide service, lodging and meals until your desired trophy is harvested.

Dove Hunting

The JAG Ranch has irrigated fields for milo & sunflower crops which make for excellent dove hunting. We offer Two-Day Dove Hunt packages or four (4) hunts for $750.00, including all meals and open bar. Four person minimum. You can lounge by the pool between the hunts or allow us to customize a "Cast and Blast" trip for you with a salt water fishing trip on the front or back end of your dove hunt in Rockport or Aransas Pass which is only 1 hour away. Or a freshwater experience on Choke Canyon Lake, which is a 30 minute drive from the Lodge.

Two days, 4 hunts, $500.00 per person. 4 Persons minimum.

Axis Deer

Axis deer are native to India and Nepal. Axis deer are known for their typical 6 point antlers and beautiful hides identified by their burnt orange coat with white spots (similar to a whitetail fawn). Bucks sport large antlers that grow skyward, forking at the base and again inside each main beam towards the top of the main beam. Most axis bucks are 6 points (3 on left & 3 on right), but non-typical 7th and 8th+ points near the bases are not uncommon. Live weights range from 150 to 250 lbs in mature males; 90 to 150 lbs in adult females.


Blackbuck Antelope

These beautiful antelope are native to the Indian subcontinent. Blackbucks are slender with a head-to-body length of about four feet (48"). They are about 29-33" high at the shoulder. Males are larger than females. Adult males range in weight from 75 to 100 pounds; females weigh 70 to 85 pounds. The tail is short and compressed. Both sexes are white on the belly, around the eyes and on the inside of the legs. They differ in the coloration of the head and back. Female and young blackbucks are yellowish-fawn colored on the back and on the outside of the limbs; the lower parts are white. The two colors are sharply divided by a distinct pale lateral band. Old male bucks are blackish brown on the back, on the sides and front of the neck. They become almost black with age, only the nape remains brownish. Only males have horns.



Probably the most beautiful and one of the biggest in the antelope family, a mature male Gemsbok might weigh 600 pounds. These antelope are the largest species in the Oryx genus and are native to arid regions of the Southern African continent, such as the Kalahari Desert, including Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. Gemsbok are light brownish-grey to tan in colour, with lighter patches toward the bottom rear of the rump. Their tails are long and black in colour. A blackish stripe extends from the chin down the lower edge of the neck, through the juncture of the shoulder and leg along the lower flank of each side to the blackish section of the rear leg. They have muscular necks and shoulders, and their legs have white 'socks' with a black patch on the front of both the front legs, and both genders have long, straight horns. Male horns are typically more massive, but not as long as the female horns.



Addax are native to several countries of the African continent, mainly in the north portion of the continent where the Sahara desert is located. They are sometimes referred to as a "white antelope". The color of the coat depends on the season - in the winter, it is greyish-brown with white hindquarters and legs, and long, brown hair on the head, neck, and shoulders; in the summer, the coat turns almost completely white or sandy blonde. The males weigh from 225 to 275 pounds while the females weigh in from 150 to 200 pounds. These antelope have spiral horns with a couple of twists.


Iranian Red Sheep

As the name suggests, the Iranian Red Sheep are native to northern Iran and most of the “stan” countries, but thrive well in Texas. They are also known as the Urial. These sheep are considered one of the most beautiful of wild sheep. Red sheep have reddish-brown coats with a distinctive white and black saddle patch and a white and a white underbelly. Rams have a black ruff that extends from under its neck down its chest, making them ideal for a shoulder mount or even a half-body mount.

Iranian Red Sheep - $4,500.00


Aoudad are also called Barbary sheep and are native to mountainous regions in the north of the African continent, including Algeria, Tunisia, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Niger and the Sudan. Auodad are a sandy-brown color, darkening with age, with a slightly lighter underbelly and a darker line on the back. Upper parts and outer legs are uniform reddish-brown or grayish-brown. There is some shaggy hair on the throat (extending down to the chest in males) and a sparse "mane". Their horns have a triangular cross section. The horns curve outwards, backwards then inwards, and reach up to 50 cm (20 inches). The horns are smooth, but wrinkled at the base. Auodad are smart, tough animals that can produce horns from 23 to 32 inches long.



Bison, often erroneously referred to as Buffalo once were native to Texas before populations almost reached extinction in the 1880’s. During the “great slaughter” as its sometimes know, the population reached as low as 541 animals on the North American continent. Now populations exceed 200,000 animals, including those at the JAG Ranch. Buffalo produce a delicious, lean red meat high in protein. According to USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, 100 g of raw bison (separable lean only) contains 109 calories and 1.8 g fat. The same amount of raw beef (separable lean only, Choice grade) contains 291 calories, and 24 g fat. The buffalo makes an excellent skull or shoulder mount and their hides make beautiful, soft rugs.

Trophy Bull or Steer - $5,000.00

Steer or Cow - $3,000.00

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